Interview with Tommy Herschell, driving force behind Find Ya Feet, a not for profit helping young people start a conversation that goes well past "How are ya"

Tommy Herschell is a school teacher by trade he is now a full time facilitator in mental health, or as Tommy calls it mental mechanics, he is the driving force behind Find Ya Feet, which has a vision to empower everyone with the tools and skills to engage in conversations that go well past ‘how are ya. He lists his achievement as still being married, and the fact he no longer feels like a victim, he is a functioning adult. At 35 Tommy turned his story and struggles around to use this experience for good. These days he travels across Australia and meet young fellas when they are at their lowest, and works with them to help them stand up to their struggles and get them to get to the point where they can celebrate themselves, Tommy feels like he has the best job in the world. Tommy is a lifesaver wearing a different uniform and today it is our absolutely pleasure to welcome him to our podcast to talk about what I would say is a difficult topic for many, but that is why we are doing it. Welcome Tommy Hershell.