Interview with Rob Mason Firefighter and Ultra Marathon runner.

Rob Mason has been a Firefighter for 24 years at Nowra station and is an Ultra Marathon runner, he ran first 100 km ultramarathon in 2009 and although he couldn’t walk for a week afterwards and swore he’d never run a step again, he found himself hooked on ultra-running. The following year, with the help and advice from mentors and friends in the ultra-running community, he completed the ‘Triple Crown’ of Australian ultra-running; The Glasshouse Mountains 100 mile (161km) ultra, The Great North Walk 100 mile ultra and the 240km Coast to Kosciuszko ultra within a 4 month period.  Fast forward to 2022 Rob  went all-in on working on his mindset, including starting the ‘Mindset for Runners’ podcast and working with a professional mindset coach. With a concerted plan and mental training, Rob went from thinking he was an average runner to knowing he was going to win the race – and he did, enjoy this inspiration chat with Rob.