This is ....Live Learn Survive.

Trent Maxwell, Firefighter and better known as Bondi Rescue’s Lifeguardmaxi and business partner Leigh Mason founded Live Learn Survive in 2018 with a vision to save lives by making learning fun. Author of the award-winning Maxi the Lifeguard book series, 2021 saw Maxi & Leigh publish their first picture book and launch Maxi’s Rescue Squad, the largest global community of teens & young adults of all ages learning skills, to not only look after themselves, but to help others too.

They take what they do very seriously, themselves not so much, as you will see as they share the story of how they have met, face to face,13,000 children & teens so far travelling to 30 cities across 4 countries. From one page on a notepad in a café to books and a squad in over 24 countries, come along for the ride with this unlikely duo, share in some fun, inspiration and hear about a few random acts of kindness that will warm your heart.

So let’s, Live, Learn and Survive together, so that we can all live life to the Max!